Hiring a Virtual Assistant for Client Support

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, managing your business requires you to spin numerous plates. Sometimes you need an extra pair of hands to prevent them from falling off; hiring a virtual assistant can take the weight off some of the more menial tasks. Crucial VA specialise in providing client support in London, as well as the rest of the UK.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

  • Free up your time
  • Maintain the highest levels of service to your clients
  • Contract as and when needed
  • Pay only for the jobs you need doing
  • Save on hiring part-time staff
  • Allows you to grow your business

Client Support Taken Care Of

By hiring Shani at Crucial VA – Expert Virtual Assistant Services, you have complete peace of mind that your clients are receiving the utmost care and attention. This allows you to get on with managing other aspects of your business, whilst maintaining the very highest of standards of service and client care.

Experienced Virtual Assistant

Shani, an experienced virtual assistant, can interact with your clients through various media formats such as phone, social media, email, and online chat. As well as providing client support, as a certified editor and proofreader, business owner and holder of a bachelor’s degree in Music and Entertainment Industry Management, she can also help in many other aspects of your business providing an all-round excellent support service to you and your clients. This may include proofreading, diary management or even event planning. Shani can tailor her expert virtual assistant services to suit your business and budget.

Hire a Virtual Assistant Today and Get Help with Your Business

For more information on Shani and hiring Crucial VA to support your clients, as well as other aspects of your business, visit: https://crucial-va.co.uk/  Or, schedule a discovery call: https://bit.ly/CrucialVA  Alternatively, you can call directly on 0208 088 3671.

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