Business Brilliance Or Burnout?

When I first start working with clients, I often notice that some of them have reached, or are about to reach, the point of burnout. They’ve been trying to manage every aspect of their business themselves and have finally come to the realisation that they’d be better off bringing someone in to help ease the heavy load.

Whilst I’m more than happy to jump in and provide the much needed support that they’ve been looking for, things don’t have to get so bad before they get better.

Here are three things you can do to avoid burnout in your business:

1. Set your boundaries…and stick to them. Remember the days of working for somebody else? Remember going home at the end of the week and actually shutting off from work until you were back in the office on Monday? As an entrepreneur, just like you, I know all too well that it’s very easy to keep working, especially when your office is just upstairs, or in the next room.

But, as easy (and tempting) as it is to do, it’s so important that you shut off from your business – even if just for a day – to rest and reset. Taking lunch breaks (preferably around lunchtime) as part of your daily routine, is also a good habit to re-introduce. Studies have shown that taking regular breaks throughout the day have a positive impact on stress levels, whilst improving productivity! Get more tips on setting those boundaries in my blog, “You and your work schedule…who’s controlling who?

2. Try meditating and/exercising to release unwanted energy. Asides from the obvious physical health benefits of exercise, the mental benefits can work wonders too! Running your own business, it’s only natural to experience moments of stress.

But, what we don’t always recognise is that the stress and negative energy can start to build up over time. It’s important to find viable ways to release that energy. Exercise and meditation are great ways to do just that. Your body (and your mind) will thank you for it.

“Where in the world would I find the time to add that into my day??” Well, that leads me on to point number three…

3. Outsource the tasks that consume a lot of your time. Handing over the tasks that consume you (mentally, otherwise, or both!) can make all the difference. You’d be surprised at the amount of time you can actually save by doing so. That time saved can be used more productively; bringing more money into the business, or simply spending more time with family, friends… and you! When was the last time you took some time off..?

These three points will, not only help you avoid reaching burnout altogether, but also help you rekindle the joy of running your business!

P.S. Having your company’s SOPs (standard operating procedures) in order is another great way of reducing the risk of burnout too! Check out my blog, “Good Processes Before Profits“, to find out more.

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